AQMesh Cost effective ambient air monitoring

Compact, robust, battery powered, low cost, low maintenance instrument platform for ambient air quality monitoring networks

  • Electrochemical sensors for gaseous parameter
  • Cloud based data processing to correct for cross gas effects and environmental factors (incurs annual fee)
  • Global trials since 2013, including trials conducted in Sydney Australia, have informed continuous improvements in electrochemical sensors and data processing algorithms to optimise corrections for environmental factors, gas span and baseline offset.

  • SO2  and particulate to be trialled in Australia this year
  •  Light scattering optical particle counter
  • AQMesh has been demonstrated to have good correlation with FIDAS particle count
  •  Algorithms developed to derive mass concentration from count and measured size





Nitric oxide (NO)

 <5-4,000 ppb

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

  <10-4,000 ppb



Ozone (O3)

  <5-1,800 ppb

Particle  count 

0.3-30 µm (size)

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

<5-6,000 ppb

 Sulphur dioxide (SO2)

<10-10,000 ppb

For more information on AQMesh please see the Brochure