Dust Monitoring

Static dust monitor, continuous dust monitor, dust monitoring services


Real-time dust (particulate) monitoring is a challenging yet key element of open cut mine environmental compliance, as both dust suppression and monitoring techniques may vary depending on your location. Fugitive dust emissions offer real challenges to both mine operators and government departments. With health implications and nuisance dust impacting on surrounding stakeholders, selecting the right dust monitoring solution and service provider is critical to your monitoring campaign success.

Dust Monitoring Solutions for Mining

Benchmark Monitoring specialises in the design, installation, and operation of real-time dust monitoring solutions for the mining industry. We offer turnkey and customised ambient air quality monitoring solutions to ensure delivery of best practice dust monitoring for Total suspended particulates, PM10 and PM2.5 to meet client requirements. Our goal is to offer monitoring solutions which can deliver high accuracy and measurement certainty providing an invaluable management tool.

Static and portable solutions

Benchmark Monitoring has static and portable systems that can be mains or solar powered for maximum flexibility to accommodate a variety of applications including: 

  • Fence line monitoring
  • Remote location monitoring
  • Early warning dust monitoring systems


Benchmark Dust Monitoring Services

  • Design, installation and operation of compliance dust monitoring systems
  • Telemetry and reporting services
  • Real-time data access and alarm systems for compliance monitoring
  • Quality assurance 
  • Calibration and servicing of environmental monitoring equipment by trade qualified personnel and experienced technicians