DUVAS Differential UV Absorption Spectroscopy

Benchmark Monitoring distribute the DV3000.

The DV3000 offers real time, constant, simultaneous measurement of multiple gaseous species detectable using ultraviolet spectroscopy (see Brochure for full species list).  Measurements from the closed path instrument are fast and accurate with BTEX measurements resolved in ~1s. Up to 15 gaseous can be resolved simultaneously to ppb levels.The DV3000 can be employed as either a fixed point instrument or as a mobile unit equipped with GPS locator enabling rapid generation of pollutant mapping. Notably the DV3000 has been taken up by the US EPA for use as a "fence line sniffer" for Benzene and other hydrocarbon species.

Further information is available in the  DV3000 Brochure

Benchmark Monitoring will have a demo DV3000 unit available in 2017, if you are interested in seeing the unit in action please contact us.