Tanabyte Ozone Analysers

The Tanabyte 72x series offers US EPA Equivalent Method photometric ozone analyzers and calibrators in rack mounted or stand alone portable module format.  The Tanabyte photometers utilise state-of-the Art Ultraviolet Absorption Technique and modules equpped with calibrators include ozone generators for photometer feedback to facilitate the calibration of the internal photometer and enable calibration of external ozone analyzers. With the Audit Analog Input feature the calibrating of external analyzers can be automated thus requiring minimal operator supervision.

An outline of the available Tanabyte ozone analyzers and standards is presented below,  please see the Brochure or contact us for more information.

Model 722 Ambient Ozone analyzer

Standard equivalent method UV photometer (basic analyzer)

Model 723 Transfer Standard with Cal/Sample Valves

Model 723 comprises an equivalent method UV photometer equipped with an internal zero air supply, ozone generator and a valve to switch the photometer inlet from sample air to the ozone generator output. The zero air supply and ozone generator can produce sufficient flow of ozone to supply two analyzers simultaneouisly.  A three port ozone output manifold allows ozone to be directed to the internal photometer and an external instrument simultaneously. The Cal/Sample valve enables either sample gas or calibration gas to be directed to the equivalent method photometer.  The 723 can be therefore be used as an ambient analyzer with internal zero/span or as an Ozone Transfer Standard Calibrator for calibrating external analyzers.  

Model 724 Ozone Transfer Standard Model

The Model 724 is configured as an ozone transfer standard calibrator, with an equivalent Method UV Photometer and a built-in ozone generator and zero air supply. The photometer can either be configured to measure external ozone concentrations or to monitor the ozone generator output in order to precisely control the ozone concentration to a specified set point.

725 Ozone Analyzer with Internal Zero/Span

In addition to the equivalent method UV photometer, the Model 725 includes an internal zero air scrubber, ozone generator and a valve to switch the photometer inlet from sample air to the ozone generator output.  The 725 is designed be be a low cost alternative to the 723 for ambient monitoring applications when an internal zero/span or multipoint cal check is needed. Unlike the 723 and 724, the 725 does not include a zero air pump, but relies on the photometer pump to draw air througn the scrubber and ozone generator when in calibration mode.

Model 726 Ozone Analyzer with Cal/Sample Valves

The Model 726 is a basic analyzer, like the 722, but includes a Cal/Sample valve that can direct either sample gas or calibration gas to the equivalent method photometer. The valve can be switched either by external control via digital inputs or by internal timer control.